Culture Wars is an impactful show exposing the battle between good and evil. Every day our rights are eroding unless we stand up. Not only has our country changed but so has the world. Culture Wars brings you the latest news, top stories, and analysis you need to know.

Join Shawn Farash aka Captain Deplorable, on “UNGOVERNED” for a fresh perspective on the latest news and information in the political arena. If you are in search of an unapologetically patriotic show, consider your search OVER. Join the “Captain’s Crew”, the UNGOVERNABLES, and the LFA FAMILY LIVE at 10AM EST every Monday – Friday on RUMBLE for the news and a whole lot of fun. We will never give up, we will never give in, and we will never surrender, and if all else fails, we will just become UNGOVERNABLE! 

The Loud Majority show is a dynamic look into the world of grassroots political engagement. Bold views you can relate to… Loud Majority Live delivers real news for real people, not likely to make the mainstream media cycle. Featuring Nationally renowned guest hosts, live audience interaction and culture war comedy all packed into an hour conversation airing weekdays at 1pm.

Live From America is a reflection of who Jeremy Herrell is, was, and will grow into. The show is for the people with no voice. It is meant to inform, inspire and lean on when times get hard. Jesus Christ is at the center of our mission statement. You will laugh. You will cry. You will get angry at times and have times for celebration. However, one thing you can count on is that when you walk away from every show, you will feel directed. You will feel fulfilled and you will feel empowered. Through the Gospel, the truth of what is going on in our country politically, and passion for our country and the constitution, once you become part of the LFA Family……..there is no turning back! Onward Christian Soldier! Philippians 4:13 Watch live at 11AM & 5PM EST.

Mainstream media is dying. Big tech is dying. The curtain has been pulled back and what it revealed is exactly what LFA TV promises to expose and eradicate. Our hosts dive into the corruption going on in politics, education, government bureaucracy, lobbyists, big tech censorship and radical social engineering groups that terrorize our communities and our youth. LFA TV holds both sides of the aisle accountable and offers solutions to problems. We also get down in the mud and get our hands dirty with the amazing people that make up our audience. Reach one, teach one and many hands make light work. Are you ready to Rumble? Are you ready to get LOUD? You are now locked and loaded on LFA TV….Enjoy the ride! 

Mike Crispi dares to go where no rehearsed talking head or robot politician will ever dare to step. We show you the headlines and footage that the mainstream media won’t and do it in a unique way that no one else can. Join Mike Crispi, an experienced Television reporter and Northeast political activist known for his energy and authenticity, as he takes you through the news of the day in a fast-paced, hard-hitting and always entertaining format.